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From a small family firm, to a global design and manufacturing business. Find out more about what makes us different from other filtration businesses.

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A comprehensive range of services to fulfil all filtration needs.

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No matter your industry, we can provide a filtration, automation or consultancy solution for you.

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Whether it be business updates, industry news or product and service developments: Our articles will keep you in the know.

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Case Studies

What We’ve Done

We have undertaken many projects across numerous industries and countries. Take a look at our Case Studies to find out more about our past work.

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We are always looking for ambitious and motivated individuals to join our team, based in St Helens, England, UK.

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A Better Fit

Core Protection Systems, also known as Corpro, specialise in respiratory protection products which have been designed with the user at their core.

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Filtration Solutions for All Sectors

We can provide industrial filtration solutions for any sector. However, we have experience in a great number of industries including coalescing, domestic appliance, energy generation, medical, military and civil defence, nuclear, pharmaceutical, respiratory protection equipment (RPE), transport and water. See below for more detail.



Coalescing filters are mainly used in industrial settings, particularly within the oil, gas and automotive industries, with such filters removing certain liquids or vapours and purifying applications. We know that efficiency and maintenance are generally of paramount importance, but we also know that every company’s needs and priorities differ. The Filter Design Company can suggest the best solution for you in your initial consultation.

Domestic Appliance


The clean air generated by filters is not only needed in industrial or regulated environments: People also need to know that they’re breathing in clean air within their own homes. From filters which can be fitted inside domestic appliances, to bespoke products which in themselves can filter the air around you, we can apply our knowledge to your requirements.

Energy Generation


We know that in Energy it’s all about efficiency, and we can design and manufacture filters to best suit your environment. Low pressure-drop, fire-resistant, high dusting-holding capacity, washable, ease-of-installation… Whatever you need from your filter, we can deliver.



Healthcare professionals have always needed appropriate respiratory protection and medical environments have always required high-quality filtration systems. However, due to COVID-19, the need and awareness is more significant than ever. If you are looking for a product which can effectively protect individuals against COVID-19 or otherwise, please contact us with any specific enquiries.

Military and Civil Defence


Those involved in military and civil defence scenarios need a particular level of protection due to the potential need for users to combat chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs). We have been involved in multiple military application projects and so no materials, components and requests will be out of our comfort zone.



We understand that filters are important in virtually all industries, as poor filtration systems can be detrimental to health, the environment and efficiency. However, within the nuclear industry, these negative impacts can be catastrophic. We can offer the highest quality and totally bespoke nuclear filtration solutions, so you can be sure your specific requirements are fulfilled.



Filters are imperative in pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing to minimise contamination risk, secure operator safety, improve productivity and meet regulatory requirements. Many of our team members have over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical filtration industry, and we continue to regularly design and manufacture filtration systems intended for use in pharmaceutical settings.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)


With experience in developing and manufacturing various types of filters for air purifying respirators (APRs) and supplied air respirators (SARs), building automated processes for respiratory protection filtration, and consulting with other firms within the RPE sector… Our expertise in this domain knows no bounds.



In the ever-growing industry of transport, it’s important that services and systems are efficient, effective and are constantly improving. This applies to the filters contained in vehicles, vessels and wider transport infrastructure, too. Whether you need a filter which delivers optimum fuel efficiency and vehicle performance or would like to combat potentially harmful emissions and fumes, we can assist with your filtration or automation project.



Clean water is essential for good health and well-functioning systems, but we know requirements can vary greatly in water filtration. You may need a system or filter which prevents clogging or damage, is easily maintained, has effective contaminant control, or purifies or softens. Or you may need a solution which is intended for domestic, industrial, small-scale or large-scale use. Regardless, we can provide a high-quality resolution.

Have an industrial filtration project in mind?

Everyone deserves clean air. That is why we offer totally bespoke automation and industrial filtration solutions, from concept through to validation. Contact us with your requirements and we can discuss the best service options for you.  

However, due to our various past projects, we may have already developed a solution which may help to address your filtration or automation needs. This can be established in the initial stages.  

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Case Studies

Want to know about some of our previous projects within these sectors? Visit our Case Studies page.

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